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The method which will change your life

Clearly this is not for everyone. Answer these questions below to find out if this is for you:​

  • Do you want to feel agile and active like when you were younger?

  • Have you tried to lose weight so many times but no success or the results

  • were not sustainable?

  • Do you think your health and body are your priorities ,as taking care of them is a practice of self-love?  

  • Would you like to have a great shape, feel good and be confident with your body?

  • ​Would you like to feel energised, vitalised, forever young, pain-free and healthy?

  • ​Would you like to quickly lose weight with an easy nutrition plan in which you have results and never feel hungry?

Here is how it works :

1. You come at the private fitness studio or I come at your house.

You will tell me your goals and I will make an assessment of your health, posture, strength, calculation of your muscular mass, body fat, etc

2. Then I will design you a very effective program and guide you with your  nutrition, in order to reach your goals in no time!

3. We will work together as a team and you can contact me anytime if you need my help!

You might be thinking "Why should I join the program? I can do it myself"

In our modern society, it is difficult to get correct informations about training and nutrition, and people get sometimes misguided (or worse, injured!) by inexperienced trainers, inaccurate videos on social medias and unadapted programs.


As a certified Personal Trainer with worldwide certifications and a very long experience, I will make you save time, avoiding traps and injuries and will provide you the motivation you need to reach your best self and wellness!


There are mistakes and obstacles that make you fail over and over such as :

  • Lose willpower


When you try to do it alone, you might have passion for a while then when faced with issues and no one to support you, you might feel disappointed and give up.

Studies show that there is a much higher success rate when you share your goal with someone and receive regular follow up.

Every successful people have a coach!

  • Do it wrong


No one is good at everything. You might do it wrong, so you didn't get the results you expected. Such a waste of time!​ 

There is also a high chance of getting inured, as very few people are aware of their posture and muscle imbalances!

  You could invest  a lot of time trying to find solutions by yourself but is this time you should be investing in your job or enjoying your life?


Leave it to me, with my 15 years of experience in coaching, to help you get a quicker result and in much more effective way!


Why LVD Method ?

Perfect for beginners

Individuals planification

Real success

Flexible schedule

Advanced techniques

Certified personal trainer

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