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  • Lucas Vermot-Desroches

The Top 7 Best Nutrition After Giving Birth

During pregnancy, a mother is required to have nutritious foods and healthy beverages. This stands true after giving birth as well. You need a proper and healthy diet to ensure you have the strength to cope with motherhood. 

A well-balanced diet is essential for you to carry on your daily routine efficiently. To be able to consume a nutritious diet, you should know what it is made up of. There are certain things to focus on when planning your daily meals, the portion sizes and the kind of nutrients present. For a woman who’s just given birth, various elements are considered to be beneficial for them. Fruits and vegetables are a must for new moms, along with brown rice and whole-grain bread. A decent amount of protein, calcium and iron should encompass in your daily diet. Let’s look at some specific food items that are considered the best nutrition after giving birth.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

Half of your meals in a day should be filled with fruits and vegetables. They’re known to be extremely beneficial for everyone, especially as post-pregnancy nutrition. Make sure you have them in your pantry or fridge so you have easy access to them. Apples, specifically, play a huge part in keeping your energy levels up. After giving birth, you’re bound to be low on energy while taking care of your newborn. Ensure that you have a good diet by including apples in your everyday meal plan.

2. Oatmeal

There are various types of food cravings that you might have after giving birth. Oatmeal, being rich in fibre and protein, ensures that you are filled and your hunger pangs are satisfied. You’ll no longer be looking for something to snack on now and then. Along with its nutrition benefits, it also aids in making sure that you’re not overeating. 

3. Eggs

Eggs are easily available anywhere. It contains high levels of nutrients and vitamins that are essential for helping women recover after giving birth. The good part about them is that they’re quick and easy to make so it won’t take up too much of your time. Select only the organic ones, rich in healthy cholesterol.

4. Water

Hydration is key for restoration and regeneration of cells. You should drink ample amount of water to ensure that your body heals quickly. Mothers who breastfeed should consume at least 10 glasses of water in a day to produce adequate amounts of breast milk. 

5. Nuts

Nuts are an easy snack but they don’t only help you with your food cravings, they’re a great source of protein. Keeping jars of different types of nuts in the house gives you a quick way to fulfil your body’s needs for protein. Along with being a source of protein, they’re good for boosting your energy levels and increasing the production of breast milk. 

There are some things that you should be careful about while trying to find the perfect diet. Don’t go overboard with a particular nutrient. You want to make sure that your meals are well proportioned to ensure healthy development for you and your baby. 

6. Salmon

Rich in DHEA and Omega 3, it is great for the new born nervous system.

Breast milk contains DHEA but levels are different depending of our diet.

Make sure however to buy high-quality salmon, organic, as it could contain a high dose of mercury. Don’t consume it too much anyways because of the impact on our environment.

7. Juicing

Finally, Juicing is very important as it can provide you the best combination of what you and your baby need!

Add some celery to strengthen connective tissues, joints and regulates blood pressure.

Ginger, for digestive health, inflammation and easing muscle pain.

You can add a lemon, with the skin, contributing to breast health, it is also an anti-nausea and it is very rich in vitamin C.

Finish with a big portion of spinach, rich in iron and minerals!

Enjoy your life with your baby!

Lucas Vermot-Desroches

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