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The 8 Benefits of Fitness during pregnancy


Healthy eating and staying fit are always important for every individual. But it is extremely important to stay fit during pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy diet with a fitness regime throughout the pregnancy can be good for both the mother and the baby. The reason behind this is that the body of women goes through hormonal changes during pregnancy. Their bodies require additional nutritions and vitamins to avoid any birth defects in the fetus. Another reason for this is that to counter any complications that might arise during pregnancy or at the time of giving birth that might become life-threatening for both the mother and the baby.

Many things should be avoided during pregnancy such as taking extra medications, consuming extra caffeine, heavy lifting and bending, consuming alcohol, heat from tub or sauna, radiations such as X-rays, household cleaners with a strong and pungent odor and prolonged standing.

There are some benefits of fitness during pregnancy which is discussed below;

1.Helps in Improving Mood

Depression is very common among pregnant women. The reason behind this is physical fatigue and hormonal changes. Workouts help to reduce depression by releasing endorphins. This ultimately fights the mood swings and reduces stress and anxiety.

2.Maintains A Healthy Blood Pressure

Exercises help in maintaining good blood pressure in pregnant women. High blood pressure is dangerous for both the baby and the mother.

3.Improves Sleeping Patterns

The most common complaint by pregnant women is that they have a harder time to fall asleep. Pregnant women require a sleep of atleast 8 hours a day. Therefore, workouts help in falling asleep easily and improves the quality of sleep as well.

4.Maintains a Good Heart Health

Workouts not only beneficial for pregnant women but also for the health of the fetus. Regular workouts can maintain a good heart rate of the fetus throughout the pregnancy.

5.Reduces Complications During Pregnancy

Pregnant women who regularly workout are likely to avoid any gestational diabetes as well as unplanned cesarean sections.

6.Reduces Delivery Complications

Complications during the delivery can arise due to many reasons such as heavy body weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, and lower heartbeat. Workouts help to reduce the risk of complications that might arise during the time of delivery due to heavy bodyweight.

7.Speedy Recovery After Delivery

Pregnancy fitness will lead to speedy post-delivery recovery. Women who stayed fit during the pregnancy can resume household chores faster than the ones who did not exercise.

8.Better Brain development of the Fetus

Pregnancy fitness leads towards better brain development of the fetus and avoiding the risks of developing Neurodegeneration. Neurodegeneration is the changes in the brain that lead to developing Alzheimer's disease.


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life as well as a tough one. The entire body goes through so many changes that are not easy to cope up with for 9 continuous months. Therefore, it is very necessary to take good care of the health of pregnant women. Consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet along with following a regular fitness regime will lead to a healthy pregnancy.

Lucas Vermot-Desroches

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