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Omega3 are fatty acids which come under the category of healthy fats.

Because the body itself is not able to produce these kinds of fats, taking them in form of supplements or foods that are rich in nutrients is crucially important. They can vary; there are three main kinds of omega three ranging from ALA, EPA and DHA.

ALA, also widely recognized as Alphalinolenic acid produces preeminent energy levels in the body and result in growth of hair and nails. They are usually found in foods like soybeans, flaxseeds and chia seeds etc.

EPA, also famous as elcosapentaenoic acid is usually found in animals like fatty fish or supplements like fish oil. DHA, also known as docosahexaenoic acid is the most vital omega3. It associates with the most substantial body parts including retina in your eyes and your brain. They can also be found in animal based products including meat, eggs, Fish etc. Omega3 helps in reduction of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is usually the main disease interlinked with all the other diseases in the body. So, eating foods which are dense in nutrients can help the body to function and prevent diseases like it was originally designed to do. Inflammation can be caused by fat accumulation which in turn result I fatty liver diseases.

Consuming omega 3 helps overcome the diseases caused by inflammatory factors. It can also help in the cure of mental health and disorders especially EPA is usually found very effective and firsthand medication for people with depression and anxiety. People who incorporate omega3 in their diet tend to not suffer from any form of mental disorders. It can be also very conductive for patients suffering from diseases like schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and other age based illnesses.

Having a rich omega 3 based diets can be great for the health of the heart.

It significantly reduces heart attack and stroke risks overall, helps regulate the cholesterol levels in the body, reduces high blood pressure issues and it can cleanse your arteries every now and then so, any buildup of plague in the arteries would be removed.

Arthritis and Osteoporosis are main causes of damage in the bones. Omega3 can develop bone strength by increasing calcium in the bones which can reduce risks. It can also reduce joint pain and increase the grip of the bones. It also helps in achieving healthy glowing skin. DHA is an important part in maintaining the skin. It helps to make the cell membrane healthy. This results in soft moisture youthful skin.

Having omega 3 will increase hydration within the skin, less inflammation will lead to less acne, and premature aging which can be due to the sun rays of face pulling will be reduced too. Hence, consumption of omega 3 acid is very significant for the health, so consumption of rich nutrients with omega 3 from whole foods is very important.

Another option is the supplements which can be purchased online or from stores after prescription from the doctors.

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