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The LVD Training Method is holistic in nature and focuses on perfect mastery of all physical functions and qualities combined with an energetic approach to the body. Lucas addresses stability, strength, power, speed, reaction, coordination, flexibility and speed to unleash the full potential of the human body. Through breathing techniques, meditation, QiGong, and bio-energetics he tackles the energetic aspect of the body and mind in order to release tension, stress, and limitations that go beyond the physical realm. 


It is a subtle and effective confluence of external and internal work with body and mind that creates optimal results.


Lucas' long term experience in sports and fitness allows him to create training plans for any goal you may have. Whether you want to:


- lose weight

- get toned

- bulk up

- increase your body's functional level

- address and alleviate an injury

- reverse first symptoms of aging 

Lucas will develop a strategy that works with your lifestyle and needs whilst still meeting your target. All of the aspects mentioned above will be developed and enhanced, allowing you to achieve your goals in a wholesome and highly effective way. Lucas truly wants you to be able to live the life you deserve with your body and mind in great shape, full of energy and vitality.





Personal Training Prices


Trial Training for 59CHF




10x Abo

60min Personal Training for 

 1399 CHF   


20x Abo

60min Personal Training for 

2699 CHF 

4x Duo Training 

60min CoupleTraining


*Price per person


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