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Highly experienced Personal Trainer, in the heart of Zürich!


Lucas was born and raised in the Caribbean, on the Island of Guadeloupe. He speaks fluent French and English and is conversational in Spanish and German.


Lucas passion for sports was ignited at six years old when he made his way through various styles of martial arts until he ended up in Mixed Martial Arts fights. Outside of the ring he first cultivated a strenuous bodybuilding routine for several years before realizing the limited functionality of the pumped up body.


This realization was a defining moment for his career as a Personal Trainer. From that point, he invested all his focus into finding and developing an optimal training technique which builds the muscular system and enhances the body's function whilst being wholesome and holistic for the entire system.


His method includes elements from body-weight exercises that build more strength with natural muscle definition whilst developing the body's functionality on multiple planes to prevent potential pain and injuries and defy the first signs of aging. Depending on the needs and goals of the client he supplements the calisthenic movements with resistance training, plyometrics, CrossFit, kickboxing, stretching and trigger-point massage to correct, heal and build up the muscular system.


He received his education from the highly renowned National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA, and additionally from the English Institute of Sport, Milton Keynes. 


To further develop his education and give more value to his clients he also graduated with a Diploma as an NASM Golf Fitness specialist and NASM Rehabilitation and Posture Correction specialist. 


Lucas has over 15 years of experience in sports and has worked and shared his knowledge in various cities across Europe and the United States. Currently, he is working in a private studio in Zurich Central and is also available to train you at your home. He understands himself as a health coach and not just a personal trainer.


The value he offers to his clients goes beyond the training floor and develops not only the body but also the mind and emotional state. He understands that true health resonates from the inside out and rests not only in the physical realm. 




LVD Training with Lucas 

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Lucas works in a beautiful private studio close to Zürich Hauptbahnhof and is also available to train you at your home



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